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About us

1. Introduction

     Hoang Ha Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company was established in 2009, operating in the field of research and production of equipment and accessories for the plastic industry.
      Realizing that in the process of using furniture made from industrial wood, there are many problems such as swelling, mold when meeting water for kitchen areas, bathrooms, .. places that are often exposed. with water, or the damage from termites attack reduces the durability of the product ....... To overcome the remaining disadvantages of industrial wood, in 2020, after a period of research together with the cooperation of engineers from Korea, with the desire to create a breakthrough interior material line. Hoang Ha Company launches sheet products  High-grade PVC plastic meets the most demanding requirements of the market.
2. Products
   What is PVC?
      PVC Foam Board with chemical composition is Polyvinylchloride (abbreviated and commonly known as PVC sheet) is a thermoplastic made from vinylchloride polymerization, also known as PVC foam board/PVC foam board.
      PVC board is widely used both indoors and outdoors, has absolute water resistance, anti-mold, prevents the destruction of termites, providing outstanding durability for furniture; especially, when burned, it will produce crumbs to reduce the spread of fire... This is probably the best feature of PVC that deserves consumers' attention and choice.
  Application of PVC sheet
   With an abundance of thicknesses: 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18mm, PVC panels meet all application needs in the advertising, construction and furniture industries.
  • Labour  Construction process: Formwork, models, partitions, wall panels.
  • Furniture for industries, hospitals, offices…
  • Wardrobe and doors, indoor or outdoor decoration.
  • Bathroom cabinet, Dressing table….
  • Kitchen cabinets, TV cabinets, interior decoration
  • Walls and ceilings of hospitals and restaurants
  • Industrial use: wall cladding, control cabinets and control panels…
  • Air conditioning ducts, windows and false ceilings.
  • Advertising industry: signs, displays, exhibition boards.
   Environmental Protection
    With the ECOTECHPVC brand, we always aim for an ecological technology platform that gathers the quintessence, the latest and most advanced technologies into application. We always keep in mind one thing "good products, environmentally friendly will create sustainable development". We look forward to contributing and joining hands for a better society.
White Kitchen
Modern Kitchen
    With separate production workshop and finished product warehouse area, it helps to keep the storage and delivery neat, stable and ensure the quality of goods like never before.
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