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Hoang Ha Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company was established in 2009, operating in the field of research and production of equipment and accessories for the plastic industry.
Realizing that in the process of using furniture made from industrial wood, there are many problems such as swelling, mold when meeting water for kitchen areas, bathrooms, .. places that are often exposed. with water, or damage from termite attack reduces the durability of the product…
To overcome the remaining disadvantages of industrial wood, in 2020, after a period of research with the cooperation of engineers from Korea, with the desire to create a breakthrough line of interior materials. Hoang Ha Company launched high-class PVC board products to meet the most stringent requirements of the market.
Abstract Architecture

Our mission is to continuously research and improve to produce and supply the market with good quality, diversified, environmentally friendly and competitively priced products with impeccable customer service.


We strive every day with the vision of becoming an industry leader in researching, manufacturing and supplying high quality plastic planks to serve the diverse needs of the market.


With a team of enthusiastic, professional, qualified and skilled personnel, dedicated to the work, we always exchange and coordinate closely, committed to bringing the highest and most timely benefits to the our partners and customers.
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